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“Potajemne spotkanie – Secret meeting” episode 8

Witam! Dziś obiecany odcinek stories – sprężyłam się wczoraj i go skończyłam.
Niestety musicie wybaczyć mi jakość zdjęć i ewentualne wpadki na nich… może z czasem będą lepsze… do tego miałam Małego M jako pomagiera i czasem pewne elementy scenografii nikły w dziwnych okolicznościach w rękach pomocnika ;)
Dziś odcinek dla wytrwałych! Bardzo długi…
Dobra koniec gadania… Przedstawię jeszcze tylko dwóch nowych bohaterów
Zapraszam na 8 odcinek stories!

Raquelle razem z Sassy dostały zadanie specjalne ode mnie…

Raquelle and Sassy were given a special task to do…

Raquelle: Sassy, magalita gave us a special task to do, but we have little time…

Sassy: Calm down, I will help you!

Raquelle: Unfortunately, you can’t tell anything to Ryan, boys will again come to our meeting and spoil everything like last time…

Sassy: Yes, I remember… It’s good that these two new Kens help us

Ryan: Oh Sassy! What are they whispering there about?

Ryan: Sassy! let’s go for a walk!

Sassy: Oh Ryan… Unfortunately I can’t go now.. I have something important to do!

Ryan: So  I call you later!

Sassy: Ok!
Jakiś czas później – dziewczyny po długich godzinach pracy…

Some time later, after long ours of hard work…

Raquelle: George, this is the invitation, can you print more of them, like 10 or 11?

George: hehe I see that you sit on it very long, I will print some extra invitations…

Jake: I will help you with room preparation…

Sassy: Thank you very much Jake!

Raquelle thinking: Despite all I have bad feeling to that meeting…

Ryan silently: Sassy is not answering my phones… Now I know why…

Jakiś czas później…

Some time later…

Ryan: Sassy! at last you answered!

Sassy: Forgive me, i couldn’t talk, i was very busy

Ryan thinking: And I know who you were busy with

Ryan: Tomorrow guys are organizing a party. Will go with me?

Sassy: You know… I can’t… I have a lot of job to do…

Ryan: I know, Magalita told me something about that… But if you could work would go with me on swimming pool?

Sassy: On swimming pool? I don’t know…


Ryan: Pleasee! Recently you avid me… You will do both – the job and pleasure with me

Sassy: oh ok, but you won’t be complaining all the time?

Ryan: Of course not! Don’t forget the swimming suit!

Sassy: Ok, bye!

Ryan: Bye! And remember that I love you!

Sassy’s phone: biip biip biip (disconnected)

Na drugi dzień…

On the next day…

Ryan: Do we really need all this stuff?

Sassy: Oh stop complaining! You never know what you will need!

Sassy: Give me something that you get down easier

Ryan: No, there’s no need, I can do it

Sassy: If you say so…

Sassy thinking: The case of secret meeting is not finished yet… I hope that Ryan let me work…

Ryan thinking: Oh ok, how to get down?

Sassy: Ryan! Are you ok?

Ryan: Yes yes, everything is fine!

Sassy: I told you that you give me some of these stuff

Ryan: My girlfriend will not be carrying heavy stuff!

Ryan whispering: Being a hero is not easy…
Spacer przerwał dzwonek telefonu Sassy…

The walk was interrupted by the phone call…

Sassy: Oh jake is calling, I must answer it! Can you take this basket? thanks!

Ryan.: …


Ryan whispering: I will throw off Jake’s head! Recently there is too much Jake between us!
Gdy Sassy skończyła rozmowiać z Jakiem

When Sassy finished to talk to Jake…

Sassy: Oh you prepared everything!

Ryan: Of course, baby!

Sassy: This place is beautiful! I have now place to work on…

Ryan: I asked Magalita to prepare it for you that you could do your job…

Sassy: thank you very much!

Sassy thinking: I must call jake whether everything is ready for our secret meeting tonight…

Ryan: That’s your stuff

Sassy: Thanks honey, leave them somewhere, now I must call to Jake…

Ryan thinking: Grrrr

Po dłuższej chwili…

After a longer moment…

Ryan: Sassy! Did you finish? maybe we go swim?

Sassy: I can’t Honey, I haven’t finished yet! can you give me some water?

Ryan: Here is your water

Sassy: Please put it somewhere…

Ryan thinking: What is she doing on that computer so long?

Ryan: Sassy! enough! Let’s do some break!

Sassy: But Ryan! I really can’t!

Ryan: Recently you are constantly busy, and i even don’t know what are doing?

Sassy: You will know. Trust me, it’s nothing wrong!

Ryan: You know that i love you? Kiss me…

Jake: Sassy! I’m sorry…

Sassy: I’m sorry Ryan… I’s important, I must talk to him…

Sassy: Oh there will be good place…

Ryan thinking: I just will wash off that whole gel out of his head… and he will look like Clown!

Jake: There was a mistake in the invitations. Luckily I noticed it before printing and I corrected it. George is delivering them right now

Sassy: You are right!

Jake: everything is ready for the evening

Sassy: Thank you very much for everything! So see you on our secret meeting!

Ryan: Secret meeting? Sassy is unfaithful to me with Jake!

Ryan: I won’t leave it like that. I go home…

Ryan: How could she! After all that we went through together…

Sassy: Ryan! I’ve got good news! I have free time now! Ryan? Where are you?

Sassy: Ryan! wait! Where are you going?

Ryan: …

Sassy: Ryan!!!

Sassy: What happened to him? Ech…

Jake: I hear you screaming, had something happened?

Sassy: Ryan felt offended… and I even don’t know why…

Jake: Strange….
Tymczasem impreza chłopaków trwała w najlepsze… mocno grzali… ;)

In the mean time, the boys party was in the best time…

Ryan: I don;t understand women!

Roberto: What happened?
Ryan opowiedział co się stało…

Ryan told guys what happened…

Ryan: And she hugged him telling about secret meeting tonight…

Caine: It’s no good brother… no good

Caine: Drink something, you will feel better!

Caine: I will pour you vodka, Hottie open up the bottle, woooooow

Caine: Wooow, there so great storm on the sea… the floor is waving!

Alehandro: Caine, I come to resque!

Max: You can’t leave it like that. You must fight for her!

Roberto: We will get Jake and he will tell us everything?

Caine singing some stupid song

Martin: Give it to me, I want to pour…

Hottie talking drunk: Leave it, this is my girlfriend!

Caine still singing stupid song

Martin: What are you talking about Hottie?

Hottie talking drunk: I tell you that it is my girlfriend! IK!

Max: The plan is easy. Rope, catch the man and make him talk and we will know everything!

Roberto: Max is right!

Caine: We will help you! We will get the lover!

Hottie talking drunk: I stay here with my girlfriend!

Max: I’ve got rope!

Ryan: Max! It’s pants rubber!

Max: So what?

Ryan: Whatever…

Caine: Smooked! I’ve got super powers!

Caine: When I close my left eye I see light, and when i close right eye it’s dark! Awesome!

Gdy zostało ustalone co zrobią – chłopcy wprowadzili to w czyn…

When they agreed what to do, they started to do it

Ryan: Where is he> I must check…

Caine: Guys! Waaait for me!!!

Alehandro: Shhhhhhiii

Ryan whispering: Here you are…

Ryan: He is there. I talk to him and you will catch and tie him

Max: ok, ok

Caine: Oh there is a butterfly!

Ryan: Hi Jake. It’s nice weather!

Jake: ???

All boys: Got you!

Jake: Hey, what’s up??!!

Caine: Guuys!!! Victory!! I must drink!

Jake: M mMM

Roberto: Sit him down here

Ryan: Talk! What do you want from my Sassy?!

Jake: Mmmm mmm

Ryan: Talk! Or I hit you!

Jake: MMM mmm mmm

Max: But Ryan! He can’t talk because he is gagged…

Ryan: Oh I see, take it off

Martin: I tell you, he thinks that it is his girlfriend!

Alehandro: Hottie? Did you do glue sniffing again?

Hottie: Noooo! Just a little…

Jake: I have no date with Sassy! It’s meeting only for girls!

Ryan: What? So why she said: “See you on the secret meeting tonight”?

Jake: Listen! Raquelle organised a meeting to the Magalita’s request for all Fashionstas Sassy dolls. That’s all I know! Entrance only with invitation!

Caine singing a stupid song

Hottie: It is really not my girlfriend?

Martin: No Hottie, it isn’t

Ryan: Jake, you must bring me such inviation, we must get know what they are doing there!

Jake: It is not good idea Ryan, think about it.

Ryan: OK, do what I’m saying or we will take you articulated body!

Ryan: I see you here with invitation in an hour!

Jake: Ok, but you will regret that…

Hottie: Why!! *crying* Why! Why you are not mine!!!

Martin: Hottie! You discredit yourself

Ryan: But who will go to that meeting? Which girl will agree to this?

Roberto: I guess I know perfect person…

Jake: Ok, I’ve got the invitation, but i tell you that you go into trouble!

Roberto: OK. We take it on us..

Jake: Who will go for the meeting?

Roberto: She does…

Big Sassy: Me!

Jake thinking: Oh great Mattel!
Zgodnie z planem by chłopcy nie wtargneli na spotkanie dziewczyn wejścia pilnowały kocice z Monster High

Due to plan that boys could not get into the meeting, the entrance was protected by Monster High Cats…

Pink Sassy: Here is my invitation…

Red Sassy: hey did you see that new girl? Do you know her?

Purple Sassy: I see such Sassy for the first time…

Big Sassy: I hope that the plan will work…

Torealei: You should be the last one…

Meowlody whispering: She is soo BIG!!

Big Sassy: Here is my invitation

Toralei: I see you here for the first time…

Big Sassy: Because, because… Magalita bought me especially for this meeting!

Toralei: The invitation is ok… I’ll check the computer…

Big Sassy: You will have problems! I will all tell to Magalita!

Toralei: From which series you are?

Big Sassy: Whish series, which series… From limited one of course!

Toralei: Ok, you can come in, it looks that everything is fine…


Toralei: Raquelle, that’s all girls

Raquelle: At the beginning I want to welcome everyone and say thank you to new dolls in Magalita’s collection – Jake and Goeorge – for the help in organizing this meeting. We can’t trust other Kens as last time they brought alcohol to the meeting and we couldn’t do what we planned to do.

Red Sassy thinking: He is handsome…

Raquelle: So the aim of our meeting is to give you names. Each of you is Fashionistas Sassy and to avoid mistakes we will choose some names for you. My name is Raquelle and it was given to me by Mattel.

Sassy thinking: I feel weak… I must sit…

Striped Sassy: From which serie you are? I didn’t see you earlier?

George: Sassy, please sit down, you don’t look good…

Big Sassy: Yes, you know, I’m the prototype of the new 2013 series!

Sassy thinking: What a astrange Sassy… she is similar to… no… it’s not possible…

Raquelle: Remember! The name is very important thing, don;t make the decision to quickly!

George: Want a drink?

Sassy: Water please…

Big Sassy thinking: Get off your hands from Sassy… Damn I can’t do anything now…

Raquelle: And there is one more thing. Magalita told that the only one doll in the collection that don’t have to change her name is Sassy!

Raquelle: She was the first Sassy here and that’s why she can keep her name. Other girls please think of your new names…

Purple Sassy: Have you any ideas?

Red Sassy: New friend,  what name do you choose?

Big Sassy: Me? mee? yyy… I must think about it…

Sassy: Remember! You don;t have to choose your name today, it will be enough if you start to think about it

Boys: Ryan!!! Ryaan!! We came to resque! Where is that bad guy!?

Hottie: That is this guy I have to tie?

George: What do you… hey…

Caine: Give the rubber!!!

Wait guys! I will help you!!!

Sassy: What are you doing? Leave him alone!

Big Sassy: Sassy… darling… this is because of me…

Sassy: Ryan?

Ryan: I though you meet with Jake… And then guys advised me to…

Sassy: How could you Ryan…

Ryan: Check what are you doing here with these new boys and girls…

Caine: Ryan is right. It’s our fault. We made him to do it… Because he said you betray him…

Alehandro: Caine, just shut up…

Caine: What? Did I say something wrong? He said that…

Ryan: Sassy say something…

Sassy: Ryan… why you don’t trust me?

Ryan: I trust you but…

Sassy: No.. You don’t trust me… there can’t any “but”

Ryan: But you and Jake…

Sassy: If you stayed today I would tell you everything! Explained!

Ryan: Sassy… I…

Sassy: It doesn’t matter now Ryan.. without trust we can’t be together…

Ryan: But Sassy.. No…

Sassy: . ..

Ryan: What have I done!!!

Hottie: I’ve to pant rubber! We will catch her and then you will explain everything to her!

Caine: Hottie! It’s great idea!

Alehandro: Leave him guys… the jokes ended…

Caine: But… But its great plan!

Hottie: We will tie her and Ryan explains her everything…

Jake: Ryan… i told you that will end up badly… But I think I can help you… I know something that Sassy wanted to tell you some time ago…
O czym wie Jake?
Czy Sassy i Ryan znów będą razem?
Jakie imiona wybiorą dziewczyny?
I kto będzie następną ofiarą gumy do majtek?
Wszystko w kolejnych odcinkach SummerDollStories!

No dobrze kto wytrwał do końca odcinka może spokojnie nazwać siebie Hardcorem! Tak jakoś mi wyszło ale uznjacie to za rekompensatę długiej przerwy w Stories. Mam nadzieję, że się podobało :)

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  1. Obstawiam, że Sassy jest w ciąży biorąc pod uwagę jej złe samopoczucie w czasie spotkania xD
    Świetny odcinek! Normalnie lepsza jesteś w tym ode mnie :)

  2. z tą ciążą to też mi przyszło do głowy :D

    super odcinek! nie mogłam się oderwać! czekam na więcej :D

  3. Też pomyślałam o plastikowej ciąży ;]
    To kiedy następny odcinek? ;d

  4. O mamulku słodka, siusiam z radości po nogach. Pragnę więcej. Kiedy kolejny odcinek?

  5. Też stawiam na ciążę :D
    Genialny odcinek, podziwiam, bo ja nie mam tylu świetnych pomysłów. A już na pewno nie wpadłabym nigdy na wątki z alkoholem! xD Uśmiałam się jak nienormalna :D:D

    A tak w ogóle, mamy chyba ten sam tok myślenia co do scenariuszy odcinków, bo kiedyś ja miałam zaplanowany jeden, a Ty dodawałaś już swój z wątkami, które miały wystąpić u mnie. Teraz znów to samo! Też mam zaplanowaną imprezę, wstęp dla wybranych i wiadomo co dalej :D Bardzo dziwne, baaardzo :D

  6. super oby więce takich długich o iżeby kolejny odcinek był z ciążę sassy

  7. Hello from Portugal!
    I can not understand the dialogue but I liked the thorough job done.
    Great photos. see my blog

  8. no,no,no! to się dzieje tam u Was! a Hottie niech na odwyk idzie lepiej! :D

  9. odcinek przedni, ale podejrzewam ze sie przy nim nameczylas calkiem sporo. Poprosze krotkie odcinki, ale czesciej;)


  10. haha :D super ci to wyszło :D uśmiałem się z tą gumą od majtek jak chcieli wszystkich łapać :DDDD hahaha

    pozdrawiam !

  11. Magalita, twoje stories są niesamowite! Tylko podziwiać za kreatywność i poczucie humoru, naprawdę:) A kolekcja Fashionistek zapiera dech w piersiach, co za wspaniałe dziewczyny! Mam tylko pytanie, dlaczego wśród głównych postaci brak jakiejś Artsy? Byłabym przeszczęśliwa gdyby Sassy i reszta miały taką koleżankę:) A tak przy okazji, gdybyś miała chwilę, zapraszam na mojego strasznie mało profesjonalnego bloga http://fashionistasstorybyann.blogspot.com/. A co tam, każdy chce się trochę pochwalić, od czegoś trzeba zacząć;)



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